KidZone In-Person

KidZone Park (Age 2-5) and KidZone City (Gr. 1-6) are now open Sundays @ 11am.

It's going to look a little different and spaced out but we are determined to still make it the best hour of your kid's week.  We're aiming to meet or even exceed AHS guidelines regarding Covid-19 as we want to not only keep our kids safe but our leaders as well.

Things to know:

If your child is sick, it's a no go!

We want your kids to come but if they have a fever, sniffles, cough, sore throat, a headache or just aren't feeling well, it's a must that you hold off until they are better before coming. In the mean time, please go to our CCM Home Page and click on this week's KidZone Online link.

Yes, your child will need to wear a mask!

If they don't have one, we've got lots!

Don't come too early!

If you're here between 10:50 - 11:00 am, that will be great.  All you need to do is sign in, have your child's temperature taken, and then he/she will have some Covid friendly playtime before we get rolling.

Speed up the Sign In by signing in ONLINE!

Fill out our Online Sign In form on Sunday morning before you arrive right from your phone.

Pick up your kids right after service and head outside!

Sorry, there will be no loitering inside after church like we used to do (at least for now).  Please come get your kids and head outdoors where you are free to visit all you want!

Any Questions?

Please contact Mark Williams at or 780-462-5233